Before "See Me Through" I was not a writer. I love romance novels and a story began to form in my mind. Words appeared on paper and they kept coming. My first novella is available on Kindle and Amazon books. 

Another passion of mine is science fiction. My new novel was inspired by a writing prompt on Facebook that had my wheels turning. It is a sci-fi romance novel available now on Amazon and Kindle. BREAKING: 3001 recognized as a Distinguished Favorite in the 2020 NYC Big Book Awards!!!

I love my characters so much. I would really love to see it on the big screen in the future.

Come on in...

"The Little Haunted Book of Poems" is available now on Amazon and Kindle.

"HEART BURN" available on Amazon and Kindle.

I write poetry to share a thought, express a mood and jumpstart myself when I'm in a slump.

It can be simple or dive deep into the soul or mind. Poetry can tell someone you hate them, love them or describe a subject you are interested in.

I like to use words of encouragement for friends who are in need. 

Inspiration springs from your heart and poetry is there to release it.


A variety of things inspire me. Some may sound cheesy, but hey, they work.

Music comes first. A song can easily set my mood for writing a certain scene with specific emotions. For example, for a break up/make up scene, I might listen to "Wait" by M85. To create a sexy scenario I may play "Call Out My Name" by The Weekend. 

Next, get ready, Hallmark movies. I might have mentioned it gets cheesy. A simple playful, romantic love fest can spawn all sorts of ideas that enhance the girl falls for boy falls for girl factor.

Finally, one of the easiest, but most time consuming is scrolling through Pinterest. Images of ideal men, women, locations and even attire are all fuel for the creative fire.


The world is full of pleasures. Tell me some of yours...